Act 4 : Masquerade Party

This week, the hosts along with special guest Alkrea Cosplay, discuss the animated quality, comparing between the original anime and PGSM.  Also brought up is the love between Naru and Nephrite, and the controversy about the stolen kiss.

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Moon Pride Song Lyrics

Sailor Moon is known for having a wealth of songs. These songs are not just limited to the anime, there are a variety of songs that come from musicals, video games and the live action series. A year ago, I was pretty certain that a version of Moonlight Densetsu would be the opening theme for Sailor Moon Crystal, but in the end I’m glad that a completely new song was written to distinguish Crystal from the original series.

Want to sing Moon Pride along with Momoiro Clover Z? Now you can if you follow the lyrics below. Kanji/kana are also available below the romaji.

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A New Podcast!

Hi everybody!  I’m DJ Ranma S, host of Anime Jam Session.  This here is another project of mine that I am working on.  Every other week, me, Mako-chan, and a couple of talented people will be joining us to review every episode of Sailor Moon Crystal!  And we will also have episode reviews by Mako-chan!  I hope that you all enjoy this new podcast!

Here’s where you can watch it online!

Until then, here’s the trailer for the highly anticipated anime…