Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 4 Review

When this episode first started, I was pretty annoyed because I wanted the series to get to Sailor Jupiter as quickly as possible and because I wanted an episode that would advance the plot as radically as the others did. However, this episode really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and it helped tell us more about the crystal and enemies and show us more about the relationships, especially since most of the series has been moving quickly. Continue reading

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 3 Review

This episode has a lot of differences from the original; in fact, even the senshi this episode revolved around is very different from the original character and will likely stay consistently different from the one we’re used to from the original. Of course, I’m talking about Rei who, while I was certainly in shock over the way she was depicted, I certainly didn’t dislike it. Continue reading

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 2 Review

I last left off with the lead in to Ami’s appearance. And without throwing in any extra episodes, Sailor Mercury is now a part of the Sailor Senshi. I like that it only took an episode before adding her in, especially since this series is trying to fit more of the manga in and it looks like they want to keep the older fans interested. This episode seems to emphasize mainly on how strong friendship can be. Continue reading