Act 24 : Attack, Black Lady

On this episdoe we extend the introduction and greetings, followed by the hosts making their AX predictions in regards to Sailor Moon Crystal, the classic anime, and anything in between.  Also, they thake guesses at the ratings, pondering about figurines, as Alkres muses about the fact that Black Lady is more endowed.  Seiya asks the question, “Why are the other senshis easily defeated?”  More discussions about pacing and character development, Alkrea squees over the Black Moon Arc, Mako-chan goes on about Chibi Pluto and Diana, and Ranma makes a point about the three taboos.  Seiy and Yaten laments over Sailor Moons updated fuku in the new myu… And Alkrea sees it and she too rants!

Download episode by clicking the RSS on the left of the page, or you can listen right here on this page!

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