Act 26 : Replay, Never Ending

On what could be the last podcast… The hosts ask Toei for another season of Sailor Moon Crystal.  Ranma brings Kleenex just in case if the girls need it for this episode.  Alkrea talk about the brooch redesign, Mako-chan brings up the topic of the rules of time travel (thanks Dr. Who)…  Seiya does a comparison of Mamoru between the different versions of him… What are the differences between Usagi and Neo Queen Serenity?  What happened to the advice given to ChibiUsa?  Ranma points out the series pulled a Panty and Stocking, and Yaten  talks about the ending title cards from Sailor Moon Crystal and Cowboy Bebop.  Everyone discusses what they liked and disliked in the series as a whole, and what is everyone looking forward to in the Infinity arc if it does happen.  A joke is made about ChibiUsa’s confession and #Crystal60.

Download episode by clicking the RSS on the left of the page, or you can listen right here on this page!

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