Act 31 : INFINITY 5 – Sailor Pluto, Setsuna Meiou

On this short episode, there’s a mention of Ditto from Pokemon!  The hosts are quite excited over the arrival of Sailor Pluto!  Seiya and Mako-chan praise how the S / Infinity arc is going, along with comparative differences with the relationship between Souchi and Kaolinite.  Mako-chan nitpicks over Haruka’s outfit, as the other hosts weigh in on it.  What’s up with Chibi Usa’s chalice?  We see Hotaru’s trials and tribulations, and the emotional connection between the outer senshi.  Ranma is freaked out by the plants, Seiya notices how competent Mamoru is in this series.  Disagreement with the new ending theme song and Ranma enjoys the dark music that sets the tone.  Everyone is looking forward to more of Hotaru’s bnackstory and what could be the high point of the arc.

*There are some audio issues with this podcast.

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