Act 32 : INFINITY 6 – Three Guardians

On this week’s episode, the hosts drill down about the infamous line referring to Uranus’s gender. We talk about education and language barriers, the difference in the fansub translations of that line, the connection between androdgny and transgender, what ultimately Naoko Takeuchi said. And how you can help ou tin your own community. From there, the hosts discuss how the sailor senshis are looking out for each other, a military connection, Hotaru’s inner subconscious, and how Chibi Usa is a support character. A glimpse of Super Sailor Moon is shown, and yet another time paradox theory. Seiya’s asks about Haruka’s outfit, Mako-chan compares the changes between Crystal and Classic in reference to the talismans, and a moment of silence for Yuko Mizutani, the current voice of Ikuko Tsukino.

Also a couple of links of reference for this episode:

*There are some audio issues with this podcast.

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