Act 35 & 36 : INFINITY 9 – Infinite Labyrinth 2 / INFINITY 10 – Infinite – Upper Atmosphere

On this week’s double episode, the hosts talks about the “death” of Chibi Usa, Mistress Nine and the hostes.  Ranma goes into depth about Souchi Tomoe’s plan of action with his daughter, Makochan talks about Sailor Moon attacking the darkness.  Also explained is the comparison of the chain of events between the classic anime and crystal.  Yaten addresses the issue with Neo Queen Serenity’s hair, and Seiya goes in depth with the romance between Uranus and Neptune.  As they go into the next episode, Yaten notices animation flubs with Usagi’s and Mistress Nine’s eyes, Makochan loved teh bonding between Hotaru and Chibi Usa.  A Tuxedo Mask reference is made to the classic episodes, Hotaru helping to revive the inner senshi, and Chibi Moon getting her own chalice!  Also, Moon Kingdom Technology, and what happened to the Sailor Moon toy castle playsets?

Download episode by clicking the RSS on the left of the page, or you can listen right here on this page!

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