Act 37 : INFINITY 11 Infinite – Judge

On this week’s episode, the hosts discuss the senshi’s powerups and their sacrifice, Ranma inquires about Mamoru’s extra wide and long cape, and we hear the story of how Mako-chan introduced her cousin to hentai! Yaten notices how the episode flowed right into the next act, and along with Seiya, they tell a story of they helped someone get into Sailor Moon. The hosts discuss Sailor Saturn’s appearance and how powerful she is, and compared to Galaxia. Also, we see comparisons in Tomoe’s character in the manga and anime, the differences with Saturn’s portrayal, and listen to Seiya and Yaten squee about the new Sera Myu!

Download episode by clicking the RSS on the left of the page, or you can listen right here on this page!

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